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  • Ich suche ein Film

    It's a movie from 90's. A young couple (or engaged couple) goes to some country there. On the spot, they are kidnapped from a train by the rebels and imprisoned in their camp. Then, they meet a French couple who had been kidnapped some time earlier. The kidnappers want money from the French and American governments in exchange for the hostages. Any of governments doesn't agree to pay the ransom. Rebels murder men and send pictures of their bodies to their families. The parents of the killed American decide to save his girlfriend and arrive to this country to pay the kidnappers. The women organise to escape the camp, but no effect. Then, there is crucial scene, because women find a buddhist monk. I remember they stumbled upon him just as he was meditating, tried to get his attention, talked to him, kept his hands in his eyes, but he didn't budge. He was almost like silent. Once they gave up and wanted to go on, he stopped them. He shaved them bald, gave them a paste that made their skin a darker color, and orange robes and umbrellas (he used to wear one himself), in short - he helped them dress up as monks. Later they wandered through roads and fields, passing the rebels several times. People treated them with respect and bowed. At the end of the movie, one of the rebels drives past them and realizes it's them, turns back across the field and goes straight for them. The women panic, but the monk stands quietly, pulls his umbrella out in front of him, and at that moment the car explodes (crashed into a mine). At the end they traveled across (probably) a bridge and a van with the parents of the killed American passed them by, his mother met her son's girlfriend in one of the monks and got out to call her. The young, however, thought that it was only hallucinations and she turned away only after calling several times. The women thanked the monk and ran to the others, and he went on. The monk didn't say a word during movie, because he is silent or he pretends to be silent man. Perhaps, the movie was based on a fact.

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    I found. It's "The Hostages" (2002) - Australian movie